NOSTALGIA kicked of its 2015 series at “The Game” event tonight at Marquette Park! The event was held for a great cause, was a great oasis for the community and helped me remember one very important thing …….. Chicago basketball is my first love! 

To me, Chicago ballers always had this grit about them. Determination … Heart … Tenancy … Swag. 

I saw faces I had seen growing up on the South Side and put faces to West Side names I had heard about and only seen on TV. Even saw familiar faces in Deji Akindele and Royce Parran from my old sports information days at Chicago State. 

And being that I just moved back home to Chicago, tonight’s event was a blast from the past. A true ‪#‎TBT‬ 

It awakened what I’ve always known about Chicago hoops. It’s here to stay.

An unspoken FACT per the amount of No. 1 picks and first-rounders in the NBA Draft over the last decade or so. And summer league basketball in Chicago is just a supplement to it all. 

Homegrown and city-bred. South, West, Southeast, Southwest and sometimes North. 

They all share a comradery that Chicago‬ made them. Shaped them. Challenged them. Helped them become men. And I just love seeing them play.  

It’s summer time in Chicago with the leagues gearing up for another season of showcasing Chicago’s greatest hoops talent. 

And tonight, after igniting the supporter and summer league “fan”actic in me, I must say ………… I picked the perfect time to come back home.

Chicago InBlack