Granted … is an online publication solely for the purpose of promoting and providing sports information on Chicago’s most prominent, underrated, dare-not-be-forgotten summer league basketball athletes – from neighbor’hoods’ across the city … natives, Chicago bred, pros, semi-pros, got-nexters ... all homemade.

And because we’re all about promoting Chicago’s finest ... and are sports information geeks ... It’s only fitting we did some digging and presented to you the Chicago young-stars who will grace this year’s NCAA Division l men’s and women’s basketball tournaments. Click through the below galleries for details on each player.

  • The student athletes included in this feature have Chicago listed as his/her hometown on the school's online player profile.

  • Chicago is well represented in the Dll, Dll, NAIA and JUCO tourneys!  We’re way too busy prepping for Summer League 2016 to do the research for you but you definitely should find out for yourself.

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